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About Us

Comprehensive Portal

4all.my is Malaysia's most comprehensive portal for natural health and wellness, beauty and spa industry providing a range of services to both natural health enthusiast and professionals.  The visitors of this site may also use this portal to find popular search for eco-friendly and holistic health and beauty products suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers as well as the essential and updated health related information and forum in simple language. 

4all.my focuses on sites related to alternative medicine, nutrition, bodyworks, online shopping for natural health and beauty products, various forms of massage treatments, fitness varieties, health encyclopedia and other related websites.  4all.my aims to evolve as the most comprehensive portal in the health sector in terms of viewer ship, content and domain expertise in the Asian regions in the near future.

A Leading Team of Experts

Our sites are home to many of the natural health, beauty wellness and fitness leading industries in Malaysia. With an eye on all the latest technologies, our aim is to consistently offer exclusive information of the highest quality to a community that requires and expects nothing less.

Our network is composed of eight websites, 4all.my Shopping, 4all.my Directory, 4all.my Events, 4all.my Forums, 4all.my Articles, 4all.my Jobs, 4all.my Encyclopedia and 4all.my Trading. We invite you to explore all of our websites, and we are looking forward to assisting you with your personal journey towards greater success, happiness, health and well being. 

Reaching Your Target

Our sites attract those that are searching for the right solution for their health and wellness needs. As a distinguished authority within our respective fields, visitors turn to us for trusted recommendations on their holistic needs. With an ever increasing visitor base searching for solutions to their problems, we can help you connect with and reach the right kind of health consultant, exhaustive information on health, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and your personal targeted needs met.


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