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In  Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
 30th Jan to 1nd Feb
Cultivating Authentic Masculine Purpose
 Living an Extraordinary Life
(with Andrew Fretwell)

A 3 Day Residential retreat that combines ancient energy practices with intensive investigation of what it is to be aligned with our Masculine Purpose. 
No complicated theory, only practical and highly effective practises for immediate use. 
  •  Discover what you really want as a man.
  •  Learn how to transform sexual energy for greater vitality, deeper sensual joy, integrity and personal freedom.
  • Increase healthy testosterone levels to enhance virility and reduce stress.
  • Learn how to become Multi-Orgasmic.
  • Increase Strength of Erection.
  • Develop greater confidence in relating to women.
  • Learn the hidden communication challenges of relating to the opposite sex.
  •  Learn how to manifest presence.
The White Tiger Company programs are uniquely designed to build presence solidly into your body-mind structure, so that you can withstand even the most challenging aspects of life.
Every man is longing to manifest presence in his life. Every woman is longing for a present man.
Presence is the key factor in Extraordinary Living.

White Tiger Company Founders

Viggo Johansen                                                         Andrew Fretwell


Our mission is to joyfully inspire every man in the world to cultivate their authentic masculine purpose and presence,
thereby creating a worldwide community of powerful and compassionate men that motivate and support others through
living extraordinary lives.

What Men Say......
The one thing that stood out for me was learning how to heal myself with my life energy. These days have been a very important part of my development as a man in my relationship inside myself, with my partner, my sons, and friends and in my work. I have experienced biological truths inside me as a man that will change my way of living. 
Arne Bjontegaard, Norway     arne@mazepartners.no

Before I took this class I had anxiety and stress and did not know how to deal with them, my confidence level relating to women was very low. Now after attending the 4 day retreat and practicing daily for 3 months I have a lot of energy and confidence in myself. From the bottom of my heart I encourage and recommend these classes to every man on earth. These classes will dramatically improve your health, your passion, confidence and most importantly 
your life.   
Helmuts Eglitis, Latvia
I appreciated your gentle way of letting me meet myself without any pressure so that I could feel my own masculinity.
Thank you for a missing piece of my life. Mats Kunzl, Sweden   matskuenzl@hotmail.com
CALL Dr Aminah +60 122352166   amanur33@yahoo.com

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